Susan Norgren Psychic Medium

From childhood Susan Norgren, authentic deep-trance channel, has been a clear open channel. Susan’s husband, Rob Norgren, assists in nurturing her rare ability as the conduit that allows light beings, spirits, and spirit guides to impart wise personal guidance, and cutting edge business solutions.

Two universal light beings, Dream Myst and Airiana, visit most often. Their accurate, illuminating information helps develop an action plan for survival during these times of difficult global transitions.

Miracle Herbs from the Amazon Rainforest shows that healing & nurturing our physical body can cleanse mind and soul

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Ask Dream Myst radio show Wed. at 7pm PST

Lost Pallies the afterlife has found its voice and now it won’t stop talking is a compilation of Paranormal stories

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Intuitive Tarot ..Let the fun begin by Susan Norgren, details the meanings of Tarot cards for the Tarot enthusiast:

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Susan Norgren has written a book titled Living Intuitively, a workbook to help find the keys to re-create your life:

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Ask Dream Myst radio show Wed. at 7pm PST

The purpose of receiving a Psychic Reading from Susan Norgren is to help you answer questions about your future:

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Ask Dream Myst Living Fearful Situations withOUT Fear How can we stay connected to the oneness of God & Love & not fall victim?

What is Deep Trance Channeling? It is a specialized way of communicating with beings from another dimension or time.

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Susan Norgren, authentic deep trance channeler got her gift spontaneously after a lifetime of being a psychic medium:

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